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[Chocolatierie (noun): A chocolaterie is a type of business which both manufactures chocolate confections and sells them, at the same location. It is usually a small family business]


Who is MooCoco?

Meet the magic behind MooCoco

MooCoco is a small boutique and bespoke artisan chocolaterie based in Mill Lane, Storrington, West Sussex specialising in making traditional hand filled chocolate truffles and chocolate gifts for all occasions … how chocolate should really taste! 

The proprietor, Kim, is a professional caterer by training who more than 15 years ago found chocolate the perfect medium to bring together a bespoke traditional art with her flare for originality and creativity. Kim has won many awards worldwide, including numerous 2* and 1* Great Taste awards for her chocolate truffles, and also won both Silver & Bronze awards as well as multiple commendations from the Academy of Chocolate. Her rich dark Armagnac truffle is to die for…

With everything made in the chocolaterie by Kim, MooCoco has that unique blend of nostalgia, luxury and indulgence which together with the wealth of knowledge readily on hand, will ensure that you have a truly unique experience in choosing for yourself and your loved ones.

MooCoco's Creed

Every chocolate handmade from locally sourced ingredients

At MooCoco we’re not only passionate about creating high quality chocolates with incredible flavour, we’re passionate about delivering you an experience too.


MooCoco is more than just a chocolate shop. It’s a haven and a sanctuary. A place of nostalgia, luxury and indulgence.


As a small independent business, we understand the importance of supporting others like us, and regularly partner with other local businesses and charities to invent bespoke creations. Our ingredients are sourced locally and ethically too, which we truly believe makes the world of difference to the taste of our handmade chocolates.

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A single source from bean to bar

Our MooCoco "Single Origin" signature selection are crafted from cocoa beans sourced from a single plantation. They offer a greater depth in pallet and distinct taste for those looking for that something extra...

MooCoco's Filled Chocolates

With several awards to our name we pride ourselves on our filled chocolates

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At MooCoco we’re constantly innovating wonderful new flavour combinations to tantalize and titivate the taste buds. We believe that a tasting experience should incorporate a whole variety of contrasting yet complementary textures and flavours, which is exactly where our filled chocolates take centre stage.


Like wrapping up the perfect gift with a satin ribbon, we envelope a myriad of delights inside our signature chocolate, creating a sumptuous outer shell which conceals a hidden surprise.


From velvety caramel, through to creamy truffle centres, each bite reveals a scrumptious and indulgent filling - some of which, have won awards! In 2018 our Huckleberry Truffle, Soft Salted Caramel, Cardamom & Olive Oil Honey Truffle and our Ginger Crunch Truffles were awarded an accolade of 1 star each at the Great Taste Awards. All of the above, along with more of our award-winning creations can be found in house at MooCoco in Storrington.

Find Us
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Opening Times:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - 10:00-14:00

Friday - 10:00-14:00

Saturday - 10:00-14:00

Sunday - Closed

Please note that MooCoco closes over the following seasonal times:

New Year - January 

Easter - Week following Easter Sunday

Summer - Mid June through to early September


Gatley House

Mill Lane


RH20 4NF


01903 366 962


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